About Us 


Longbridge Mini was established by Mini enthusiasts with the idea to offer something long overdue and unmatched in North America. A one stop shop for anything Classic Mini! Whether you are looking for that car you have always wanted... Missing one last piece to get you road ready....  Or feel your tired A Series needs an upgrade. We can handle all your needs!


Longbridge Mini offers a wide range of services including:


How did we come up with the name Longbridge Mini?


As many of our customers might know the Longbridge plant was the original production facility in the UK where the Mini was produced between 1959 – 2000. The first Mini ever built rolled off the line in April 1959 and the last Mini  produced did the same in October 2000.


Coincidently Lethbridge, Alberta, our hometown, has a really long bridge! Over 100 years old and it is the tallest and longest of its design in the world!


Longbridge seemed somewhat of a fitting name!!